• Welcome from the chef

    Veal sweetbreads on stewed fennel cream and coffe

    Gnocchi with chicken giblets and pecorino

    PORK CHEEKS BRAISED, MASHED POTATOES AND MUSHROOMS (Poek cheek cooked at low temperature, braised in Roma DOC red wine and served on mashed viterbese potatoes and mushrooms)

    Choice of desserts


  • Welcome from the chef

    THE ARTICHOKES (fried artichoke on cream of jerusalem artichoke and rosemary artichoke)

    Onion stuffed onion and bacon wrapped purple prawns

    Ravioli filled with butter and cantabrian anchovies on a borage cream sauce

    Fettuccine with baby otcopuss in a spicy tomato suace

    SALTED COD AND CHICKPEAS (Salted cod bited in a cacciatora sauce on rosemary chickpea cream)

    Choice of desserts


Wine list

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