Epos offers the experience of a refined and traditional cuisine which pays particular attention and respect to territorial awareness. A gourmet cuisine that speaks a universal language and is an expression of the union between two areas full of history – the regional products of Lazio together with the flavours of Mount Vesuvius. The Epos cuisine is a perfect blend of vegetables, meat and seafood. The seafood and fish come from trusted suppliers along the coastal towns of Lazio, while the vegetables are provided by local producers.
Meat is the Epos trademark, especially thanks to the grill and the dry-aging fridge. Chianina, Marchigiana, Australian Angus are some of our cattle breeds together with Mazury beef, from Western Poland (former Prussia), where animals are raised and fed in the wild.
Another key element of the Epos menu is its vast selection of top quality cheese and cured meat. These are kept in the various cellars at controlled temperatures set in the wall of taste: from the notable jamon iberico to Martina Franca’s capocollo and the hyper-flavourful “fiocco di nero Casterano” (a ham produced and cured at Enzo Mattei’s butcher shop in Fondi, like other marvels from our cellars). Not to mention the Apulian “Caciocavallo podolico”, a leader among an amazing selection of national and international cheeses, chosen from the De Gustibus specialized network. Bread (from a dough leavened for a minimum of 21 hours) is handmade and so is the pasta.
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